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[px_heading heading_title="About us" heading_style="1" heading_size="50" heading_align="center" heading_font_style="normal" heading_divider="on" ] Our property is 16 minutes walk from the central beach of Portorož. Located 1 km from the nearest beach, Rooms Koblar offers free ultra-fast Wi-Fi and free private parking. The local and central BUS station is situated 400m, as well as the supermarket, green market, bank, post office and much more. A tavern serving local food is 50 m away where you can also find a delicious coffee. The nearest restaurant is 400 m from the Koblar Rooms. We also offer you bicycles for freedom transportation. All units feature a bathroom with a shower, air-condition, fridge. All units also have flat-screen TVs with infinite channels and video on demand. A common furnished terraces are available. A boat marina is 1 km away. At a distance of 2 km from the property is the centre of Portorož, where various sports activities and services are offered. [/px_heading]
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[px_tabs px_tab_style="" px_tabs_class="" px_tabs_animation=""][tab_item tab_title="How we Started" tab_active="yes" ] One of the bestsellers in Portorož! We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring your stay with us is everything you could wish for.
General manager My name is Klemen Koblar and I'm 29 years old. In 2012 I decided to start renting my family’s rooms. Some years before 2012 there was also a restaurant which is now closed for guests. Since back then I have already met and hosted over 5.800 guests from more than 50 countries worldwide. I have also decided to travel a lot in the future and visit some of my guests in their own countries. I’m a 3rd generation native to Lucija town and happy to help you see all the great parts of my town and Slovenian coast parts that aren’t even in the Guidebooks.

I look forward to connecting with people as a traveler or as a host for people traveling to Lucija/Portorož/Piran and aim to make each guest experience this beautiful place like a local. Whether you’re coming for business, pleasure, or to visit someone you know, I think you will enjoy in our rooms/apartments and my neighborhood. I hope to talk with you soon!

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